Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sun in November

Hi from Remus!  Our huge puppy is on track to being comparable to Lena's size, my sis-in-law's great dane.  I didn't know we were bringing home a GIANT dog, just a biggish one.  Oh well, he's pretty nice.  

I'm amazed that my geraniums have been outside every night except 2 this fall.  

So my camera phone is poo but can you see that bright yellow tree just to the left of the middle?  It's a larch or tamarack depending on who you're talking to.  A deciduous pine.  We have a whole bunch of lovely ones in our forest.  

I spy....a MOOSE!  There are actually two but I can't see the calf either.  These two have been hanging around a little too much lately.  

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