Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Soggy and Beautiful

Thank you great grandma and grandpa!

Audrey loves anything from Klutz kid's crafts.  Thank you uncle aaron and aunt marin!

Super cool project!  Max is looking grown up.  

Hoop house prep for winter.  I always imagine tucking in the worms for winter.  A nice blanket of compost and mulch keeps them warm and working longer into the fall.  

The maple leaves look so pretty on the greenhouse.  It rains a lot in the fall so things are soggy instead of crispy.  I miss walking through the crunchy leaves. 

Last weekend we had a neighbor help us dig a 4 foot deep trench  from the shop water spigot all the way to the barn so we could lay a water line and frost free hydrant at the barn.  We also added an electrical line and internet cable.  It was a way bigger project than I imagined.  Farmer newbie.  

Looking up from the inside the greenhouse through the skylight.  : )  

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  1. The leaves through the greenhouse window is quite an art piece. Looks lovely!