Thursday, July 28, 2016

Clara's Flowers

From Clara:  "I love my flowers.  I love my flowers.  I picked my flowers in our backyard.  The end."

When she finished saying what she wanted me to type, she said "it's like a poem." 

Here's a shot of our new couch and the coffee table I cut off yesterday.  Max says hi!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I successfully used a table saw this morning!  I found a table(used) that I liked but was the wrong height for what I wanted to use it for.  So I made it the height I wanted-coffee table size.  Add that to the list of things I've learned.  Corey had a good quote "I'm not good with tools, but you make me feel like an expert."   : )

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meet Bacon

Here is Bacon!  We've reinforced the fencing and are thinking about adding a single strand of electric but the biggest addition is another pig!  No escapes since.  They are rather aggressive in figuring out who is top pig.  Hogging the food is a real thing.  This picture would make it appear that Bacon is bigger and in charge since he's at the bowl by himself.  Not true, he's just already waited and watched while Chops took what he wanted first.  If Bacon sticks his nose in to munch, Chops pushes him out.  Competing for food so they grow faster is a real thing too.  Bacon is at least a week or two younger and slightly smaller, so he's getting pushed around a bit.  

Sunday, July 17, 2016

July Homestead



They had just crept through the lattice.  I have never liked cats but these two have been thoroughly enjoyable to have around. 

Corey felled this fairly large pine to liberate this interesting cedar-type tree.  It was all mangled and broken.  

That cluster of 4 tall trees in the middle behind my dog house and a water tank, used to hold an old tree house.  Audrey thought it was from 1936.  : )  It was really probably only 20 or so years old, maybe 30.  But definitely dangerous.  It's at the dump now.  

Here's the interesting cedar-type tree that Corey freed from it's huge unfriendly pine neighbor.  It has "leaves" like a cedar but the bark is different as well as the growth shape of the tree.  Any thoughts? 

And anyone know what this plant might be?  I was weeding around the shop in an area not touched for a few years.  It was amongst a Spirea shrub, raspberries, and a blueberry bush.  I didn't know anything but the raspberries were there.  This is another picture of it below.   

Clara helped me label the seedling area I was planting this spring.  This one says 'I love unyens.'

This one says 'lettis.'

Green beans just about to start harvesting.  

Tomatoes and squash

Clara's proud of her marigold.

Max is proud of his zucchini.  He's looking forward to bread and chocolate zucchini cake.  

The kids' sunflower house is coming along.  Though some bird nipped off the flower buds of 5 or 6 in the last few days.  We should make a scarecrow!

A huge row of lavender is blooming.  Up close it appears to be moving because of all the bees and butterflies enjoying it.  

Lillies from Karen in Idaho Falls.  They're the only perennial I brought with that survived!

Pansies we started from seed.

Meat birds at a week and a half old.

I put a laying hen in with the meat birds just so you could see the size difference already.  They're the same age.  The meat birds just grow remarkably fast and will be ready for butchering in 6 weeks or so.  

Randomness that I found at garage sales.  Mum will enjoy these.  One is an ice cream or dough scooper(I use them for muffins all the time) and the other is a little strainer.  I'll use it to strain fresh squeezed lemon juice.  

Clara with daddy.  His back has been bothering him so he's laying to stretch it out.  

Our harvest from last night.  Aside from the ones we ate as we picked.  Yum!

Good night from Max!

Pig and Birthday

Happy birthday little girl!  Thanks to friends and family who helped us celebrate with her!

The end of a good party always ends with a pig right!?

This was his second escape, second of many, many since.  : )  We've got a thing to learn about pigs apparently.  I did know this but in action it's different.  As with most things.  Luckily he just follows us around, we're thinking he's lonely.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sweet, Sassy, and Stinky

Meet Sweet - well actually Midnight is her name.

This sassy spunky kitty is named Marmalade.

They will be outside kittys but Corey is a softie and thought they should spend the evening with us inside so they know we're nice.  They'll sleep outside on the deck in a kennel with water and a litter box for a week or so until they know this is home.  Then we'll work them into sleeping in the barn.  Someone tell me if that is unreasonable for an outside kitty?  I know nothing of cats.  

And this stinky snorty beast is affectionately named Chops.  We got him situated in the barn and after working on some fencing tomorrow, will get some more pictures of him outside.  

Homesteading here we go!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bad Hair Day

I think it's time for this chick to head to bed!  It's been one rough day...

Close up of the broilers.  You can see their wing feather already growing in at only 5 days old.

This is Audrey's araucana she calls Brownie.  It's very pretty.  

The laying chicks brooder after we moved them outside into the sleeping porch.  We added some height to the walls because they're already jumping and taking short flights.  

Broilers all snuggled up and looking dead-don't worry, they're just flopped over sleeping.  

Audrey put a chick in a tub!