Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Excitement on a woodland homestead

Look who joined us today!  A cow moose somehow got into our fenced area.  There are two open gates very close to the house but I doubt she used them.  I'll go on a walk about to see if she pushed fencing over when she leaves.  She wandered back and forth between two paddocks throughout the afternoon and evening trying to find her way out.  I opened a gate at one end and put out a bucket of water near the opening a few hours ago.  We went out 10 minutes ago to listen and see where she was.  You'll see below where we found her!

HELLO!!  For those not familiar with our property, this is after she found or made a way out. She's basically sitting in the midst of all my gardens in front of our shop on the driveway.  I have a large sheet of plastic out to smother weeds.  She's plopped down in the middle of it.  Panting heavily.  I don't think she found the bucket of water down the driveway yet.  

This was the closest we were to her.  15 feet or so.  Between the house and the fire pit.  This is when she noticed us standing there taking pictures and seemed to get nervous.  

Monday, June 27, 2016

Lemon Layer Cake

Look at how delicious this is!  The girls and I went all out to make something fun and fancy for my birthday.  Sadly they don't like it because the lemon curd is really good and lemony.  But the frosting was a huge hit!  I think the whole thing is fun!  

A cooked frosting?!?!  Who knew something could be so delicious!?!

32 and very dirty after spending the day doing homesteading "stuff."  Feeling good and very thankful that I'm able!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Someone's excited to turn 6 soon!

Our family's first pinata!  We had fun at the bulk candy bins at Winco picking out all different kinds of wrapped candies to fill it.  We'll celebrate Clara's birthday next week while extended family is here visiting.  She wants to have a morning time, pj party!  With a blue unicorn pinata.  

Strawberry Adventures

The end result of a fun day at a u-pick farm just across the border into Washington.  We spent the morning with awesome neighbors, picking and munching our way through their fields.  

I'm sure you'll be seeing more of these kids so I'll introduce them:  Aly(10), Carson(just turned 7), and Tyler(5, I think).  Oh and Missy, their pooch.  

Carson, in red, and Clara worked well picking together.  Then later in the evening asked if they could sit in the hammock together at our house.  I think if they'd have asked 10 years in the future, I would have said no.  : )

Look what she learned how to do!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fun Things

A cherry pitter!  I got this fun kitchen gadget last summer when we had a tree full of sour cherries to do things with.  We had forgotten about it until the sweet cherries started coming around.  It's fun!

We are going to an art class each week from 9-12.  The kids love this time!  They made t-shirts today to start, did some drawing warm-ups, drew some fruit and a sunflower, and played.  

We have a few of these wild roses around here.  I was getting a closer look at a blossom and found this little guy.  Or big guy.  That's pink and white.  I've never seen such a feminine looking spider.  What kind?

Our tree swing!  We're trying a disc swing that Adam and Corey hung from the maple outside.  Without any resident kids living here previously, the outside kid-centered activities are few-which implies creativity!  They have been much more apt to go outside on their own with the swing, I only hope it increases.  

Sunday, June 5, 2016


4 1/2 more days of third grade for this smarty pants!

Isn't she pretty?!  Audrey I mean, not the couch.  I found this couch at a thrift store.  It didn't smell weird in the store.  But the store probably smelled weird.  Sooo...the couch is on our deck until further notice.  The upholstery is from 1989 but I love the shape of the couch and it's firm, sturdy, heavy, and very well made.  It'll be worth recovering, someday.  I've learned that that's a pretty expensive process.  So we'll be putting a blanket over it for now, if I can get the smell out.  Any ideas?

She's been playing a farming community game with Corey.  One of her goals for the game.  : )

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lumber Jill

These piles of limbed trees were left by the previous owners.  It's one of my jobs this summer to buck them-cut them up into wood stove size lengths.  Then eventually split the larger rounds so they'll fit.  

This horrible shadowy picture is a log that I cut.  It's a cedar so it's rot resistant.  I'm learning to identify trees.  This one will get used for posts eventually.  

Here is one of our maple trees I've learned can be tapped.  I'll get a picture of the kids swinging on a swing we hung from this one soon.  They love it.  

Hoop Houses

A less permanent structure similar to a green house is a hoop house.  Ours have raised beds in them.  The kids have been busy starting seeds, choosing which ones they want in their areas, planting, watering, and wedding.  Hopefully they'll get to harvest a few of their very own veggies!  That is if the flea beetles don't eat all our plants first!  I'm learning about neem oil!  

One of the giant stumps lingering in the barn yard.  

The asparagus is in the far bed.  The kids tilled and planted sunflowers around the black in the middle section for a sunflower house.  And the closest bed has corn, cabbages, and likely some peas.  

Inside the hoop house.

This one has soaker hoses inside. It's an experiment to see if they will do a good job.