Saturday, February 7, 2015


We're working towards listing our home in the next month or two!  It means a lot of deep cleaning(something I only do when I HAVE to) and getting the kids involved sorting our stuff.  It's been fun paying the bank "rent" for the past 6 years but we're through with debt and making big changes to live differently.  Here are some photos from the past few months of fun with these great kids we have the privilege to raise.  Enjoy them, we do!

I think this was in Salt Lake City on the short trip we took to celebrate Max and Audrey's birthday in October.  We also took Corey to the airport for his work trip to Japan.  

A sweet shot from our trip to Sandpoint this past fall. 

Clara pretending to be Colonel Sanders at Halloween.

Clara the princess, Max the ninja, Audrey the witch, Corey as Colonel Sanders, and me as his hot chick.

Our awesome friend, Amanda, came for a visit in November and took these great shots.

Our family hunting trip to central ID.  Sunset in the mountains at 8000 feet.

Audrey entered a coloring contest at her school and won second prize(for kids kindergarten through 6th grade!).  She had to accept the award and prizes in front of the school at an assembly.  :  )