Monday, September 15, 2014

Tupperware...I'm through with you!

So this is it! OK, so I know this first picture isn't Tupperware but this is so much better!  Flowers from my garden just before a mighty frost killed everything last week.

Everything is up for grabs now until September 25th.  Everything is new except the pieces listed with an *.  These are at or below wholesale price.  Tax and shipping are included already.  I know it's early but think Christmas hostess gifts.  If you have warranty items, September 25th is also the deadline.

Impressions 3 piece bowl set (left)  $14.00 
Wondelier 5 piece bowl set (right)  $24.00  SOLD
Snack Store Square (middle)   $14.00  SOLD

Large Eco Water bottle with flip top lid  $8.00   SOLD
Double colander (left)  $11.00
Thatsa Bowl Colander (middle top)  $7.00
Thatsa Bowl Medium 19 cup (middle middle) $14.00  SOLD
Thatsa Bowl 32 cup (middle bottom)  $16.00
Serving Center Set (middle left)  $18.00
Fridgesmart Small Deep (right top)  $8.00  I have two of these.
Fridgesmart Medium (right bottom) $10.00

Oval 3* Blue seal (left back)  $3.00  SOLD
Square 1* Red(2) and Blue Seals (left back)  $4.00
Fridgesmart Mini (left back orange) $3.00   quantity 2
Chip N Dip* includes serving tray, large bowl, and 2 dip bowls (middle)  $12
Thatsa Bowl 4 piece set (right back)  $28.00  SOLD
Large Servalier Bowl (right front)  $8.00    SOLD
Super Oval Pour All Seals* $2.50  quantity 2

Measuring Cups  $8.50  SOLD
Bell Tumblers  $11.00  
Sipper Seals for Bell Tumblers  $5.00
Measuring Spoons  $5.00  SOLD
Kids Baking Set (bowl, spatula, rolling pin, measuring cup, cookie cutter)  $11.00

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First days of school

Max's first day of Kindergarten!  He was really excited.  He is in the afternoon class so had to wait 4 whole hours before getting to eat lunch and scoot to school.  He said the most surprising thing about his school day was that his music teacher did NOT use a cd player to teach songs.  Just voices.  : )

Audrey the second grader with a new haircut!  She's a school pro by now and was ready to go a few weeks ago.  She has the same teacher as last year(Mrs. Gillman swings from 1st to 2nd and then back again).  She's reading at a third grade level and doesn't enjoy math, yet, if I have anything to do with it.  : )

Clara's napping otherwise she would've snuck in here too.  She has been asking to practice write(left-handed) her name and numbers the last few days.  School fever!  She's mastered saying her 'L' sound finally and got a Cinderella dress-up costume to celebrate.  Hoping to start her in a gymnastics class next month.