Sunday, August 10, 2014

As requested...

Dad requested pictures of my garden since it's at its peak now.  We've been busy picking green beans, raspberries, strawberries, beets, lettuce, zucchini and yellow squash.  I've been trying to pick a bunch of flowers each week as well.  Here they are!

Clara munching on peas!

The main raised bed in the NW corner.  Compost pile is underneath all those squash vines.

Corner closest to the chicken coop.  Morning glories growing up everything and a volunteer squash.  Not sure what kind it is yet.  

Raspberries near the shed.

Entrance to main raised garden.  When we got home from ND, there were vines covering this completely.  I've pinched them back at least 3 times since to keep them at bay.  

My experiment.  Kiddie pool with pumpkins.  It's hard to keep it watered well.  Everything is growing but I've noticed they seem a little smaller I'm guessing b'c of the restricted root space.  

North foundation.  It's finally filled in.  

Max wanted to show how he can swing one-handed!  And Clara can pump now.  : )

That's the tiger-eye tree you left us, in the middle.  This was all new last fall.  Everything is growing just not filled in yet.   The far corner is the area the we took out those sick aspen trees.

Path leading to front yard where the fence gate was repaired.  In the far left is the snoopy pine tree.  I'm trying to train it up a bit so it'll be taller before it starts drooping all over the ground.  

My trellis Corey and the kids made with a purple clematis going crazy all over.

Pics from Corey's phone.  Cat fishing!

Oh man she had an attitude that morning.  Princessed out.

Top of stair climb at Sully's Hill.

Andy and the more important beer at Granite City.  Though Corey didn't actually like it come to think of it.