Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back in ID

The chickens are doing well.  We average 4 eggs a day.  We have had two hens go broody.  It's when their nesting instincts kick in and they sit on the eggs, all the eggs.  They're grouchy and won't leave the coop.  You have the break them of it because they stop laying and decrease the laying of the other hens.  We quarantined them in a crate so there is airflow underneath them for 2 days.  All back to normal now!

Archery practice in the basin.  Serious business.

Silly girls twirling one another around and giggling up a storm.

Getting ready to roll down the hill over and over and over and over again...

Audrey had a safety talk.  She was loaded an arrow when Clara was in front of her.  Big no no.  

Nikki and Audrey having a popsicle break.

Audrey at the community garden where she has her own plot through the Sprouts program.  She picked her seeds and takes care of everything twice a week.  They've learned about bees, worms, mulching, compost, how to water like a rain shower not a thunderstorm, etc.  : )

Olympia Children's Museum

The kids loved this place so much they voted to go there twice while we were in the area for a week.  Best children's museum that we've been to by far!

Audrey spent a lot of time at the pizza restaurant.  Little up and coming hostess. 

Adam and his kiddoes.  Watson pretty much walked around throwing stuff on the floor.  : )

This is a cool water, ball, vacuum, launcher thing.

Yep, a ship.  Inside.

Water table that you could change the flow patterns of the water and float a boat down it that you made.


Tree house with a fairy tea party underneath.

These are vacuum tubes with scarves.  You could change the flow so the scarves would go different directions.  Then the scarves would fly out of openings at the top and float down to the ground so you could start all over again.

Clara and some other random kids decided to move all these plastic boulders from the pit to the bins as a team.  It was cute to see them work together without really saying anything.