Monday, April 28, 2014

It's about time

There are pictures in here from the past few months.  Yes, it's been a few months, I know.  Sorry for the lapse in updates.  We've kinda had a lot going on.  : P  We had a great time visiting friends, getting out-of-town, and learning together this past weekend.  


I think she was trying to help me get ready for a Tupperware party.  : )

Beautiful eggs from our chickens turned into pumpkin pie!  I grew the pumpkins for this deliciousness too!

We rearranged our living room and they had fun playing in a cabinet we took out.  There is so much more space now!

Bed time!  These kids are the best.  

These are pics from our trip this past weekend.  Max loved all the boy play time.

My girls making delicious food.  Cristina and Rachael.

Clara in being silly with a treasure chest.

This is a giant hill at Camel's Back park in Boise.  The kids got out of the car and ran up it.  We went up it but didn't run...

Love this guy

From the top looking down.