Saturday, January 11, 2014

Here are our Winter Strategies

Almost every evening after supper we do something a little wild.  Sometimes it's rough housing with daddy, sometimes a pillow fight, sometimes a What Does the Fox Say dance party.  Last evening Max and Clara played a game they made up when she was a little bit smaller.  Her legs have gotten long but her tiny butt still fit in this doll stroller.  They're crazy fun!  Plus we took all the leaves out of our awesome table so there's more room to run around it.  

Our chickens started laying!  Just before Christmas I was out checking on them and found an egg rolling around that was frozen and cracked!  Since then we've been checking at least once a day and usually get two eggs.  They haven't discovered the luxury of using their nesting boxes.  They choose to lay in the coop under their heat lamp.  Hopefully we can get them to use the boxes.  It's easier to collect that way and generally cleaner because they don't poop in those areas.  We wash each egg as it comes in.  They have darker, more vibrant yolks.  Yum!  Just the brown ones are ours.  You can see they're from two hens, so far.  

And yes, I've already started my indoor greenhouse.  I did this before Christmas as well.  I won't start any of the regular things until February sometime but these are super slow growing perennials.  Besides harvesting, this is my favorite part of gardening.  I love that I can stick what appears to be a piece of dirt in some dirt and then something grows!

Lupines, heucheras, hostas, helleboras, liatris, foxgloves...

It's girl scout cookie time!  The paper is impossible to see.  She's holding up her order form.  There are samoas(caramel delights), do-si-does(pb sandwich), tagalogs(pb & chocolate), thin mints, savannah smiles(lemon wedges), and trefoils(shortbread).  $4 a box if you'd like any.  Audrey got to try them all at the cookie rally last night.  She says "they're awesome!"