Thursday, December 19, 2013

Long overdue

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to this.  It's been a little mental battle getting here again.  Not because I don't want to share but because every time I thought about getting the camera out, I had to remember that the memory card was missing(rabbit trail coming) because Corey used it to record the guy coming and imaging our hard drives.  That led me to not good thoughts which in turn meant that I didn't have any desire to bring you more pictures.  All the legal stuff started just days after the kids' birthdays.  It's time to move on(even though we're sort of held captive until it's actually over).  These pictures are good ones and I didn't have to dig out my camera and memory card to bring them to you.  : )

These first ones are from the our Thanksmas gathering.  Kids got to open some gifts.

The guys went out river fishing looking really cool.  They had fun but it was a bit chilly.

We went exploring for an afternoon.  

These next photos are from Aaron and Marin's wedding in Fargo this past June.  Long overdue, I know, but so worth it.  

Audrey lost her first tooth moments before the ceremony began.  Super cool except we were a bit worried she would bleed on her white dress.  She didn't thanks to daddy.  

This moment lasted long enough to take a picture.  The girls started swinging their baskets at one another so they came to sit with me in the pews.  

My first party bus!  : P

Max had removed his coat and vest by this time making it officially "party time" according to daddy.  He and Clara danced up a storm with these girls.  

I have recovered my memory card and will bring you more current pictures soon.  I'm excited to be helping a friend declutter and reorganize her home this winter in preparation for it to be sold this spring.  So I've been spending a lot of time taking pictures and posting things on craigslist for her.  It's going nice alongside our personal goal to pay off our student loans in 2 years.  So we've been selling stuff as well.  It can be done!  As long as Corey is able to continue working...  : S