Saturday, October 12, 2013


We pulled off a successful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party and managed to keep Max and Audrey alive and well until their 5th and 7th birthdays.  : )  Check out the wild night...

Waiting for guests to arrive.  Donatello Audrey.

Corey made paper ninja stars and foam noodle weapons to do some ninja training.  

We made mutagen!  It's the green stuff that turns the turtles into big talking things.  And of course we had pizza!  It's the turtles' favorite food.  

They loved every minute.  I loved waking up this morning and having happy kids that played with their new stuff.  It's been a good day.  Thanks to all for making their lives special.  : )

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Family Fun

We've been a bit busy the past month adjusting to school routines and it seems like each week we've added an activity.  Thankfully it's been one at a time and they all aren't forever.  First week was swim club.  Max and Audrey are both in lessons.  Next came a friend.  We've been hanging out with a friend's kid for the past three weeks while her regular nanny got married.  With a fourth around, we move a little slower.  Audrey started girl scouts again last week.  She loves it.  Really loves it.  Most things I have to talk her into doing and pep talk her along the way to be thankful.  Not girl scouts.  : )  This week we welcomed Jayce into the mix!  He's a good friend's 2 month old that I've agreed to watch for two afternoons a week while she's working part time at a job she loves.  It's strange and really good to have a baby around the house again.  The kids don't quite know what to do when he cries.  They almost panic.  He's really a very good baby, it just takes awhile to thaw and warm milk.  : S  I'll get the hang of the no-nursing thing soon.  Despite all that we found some time last weekend to get out and enjoy the fall colors in the area.  Enjoy!

Somehow there was time to be sick in the last two weeks.  Short lived fevers and long-term cough.  We made some glitter crafts one of the days.  

Look how goofy these two are! They are a hoot together!

Munching on apples from our neighbor's tree.  Love going to pick 'em with the kids.  

Here are the girls.  They should be laying soon...especially after all the pep talks from Corey.  Every time he goes out to do a chore or add something to their coop, "c'mon girls, hold up your side of the deal.  Where're the eggs!"

This is the beginning of our weekend outing.  She was a little cold and grumpy.  

Isn't this place beautiful!?

Our other new member of the family:  Corey's truck.

Yep, that's snow on the mountains in the distance.  New snow.  

There were cow plops sprinkled throughout the rocks we were hopping through.  Fun times.