Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Love this moment of shear joy!  Enjoying the last few warm days this year.

Corey's been playing camp songs in the evenings.  Good times.

You can see how big the chickens have gotten!  They still don't mind being held, if you can catch them!

Met MOPS friends at the dairy farm for ice cream.  These 3 were born less than 4 months apart.  Pretty cute when they get together.

Jared's spent a lot of time here this week.  Max has started calling him his brother.  I like it.

Teasing you with a taste of their ice cream!  You know you want some, so come visit!  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Some good stuff

So I know you guys probably come to see cute pictures of my kids, I understand.  They are really cute and I like them too.  Don't be too disappointed when you realize this is just going to be a post of my ramblings.  Forgo reading if you must, just come back again soon because there will be cute pictures, promise.

I was reading the Raise-Lazarus-From-the-Dead story in John this morning.  Looking at how Mary and Martha reacted to what was happening and paying attention to Jesus' timing.  He knew what was going on, that Lazarus was pretty much almost dead, and yet he decided to stay where ever he was for another 2 days.  Now this isn't just some family that was calling out for Jesus' help.  These people were in his inner circle, his best friends.  Jesus stayed for 2 days!  When he did finally arrive Martha(the one that is like me, the do-er) ran out to him.  It doesn't say what she said, but if it was me I'd have been mad and completely distressed, feeling like he didn't care enough to come earlier.  While Mary(the one that lavished Jesus with her attention, rightly so) stayed home and waited for him to come to her.  When He finally arrived, he wept with them.  Even though He knew what's going to happen, He is with them in their misery.  Then we know what the rest of the story is.  Why would He have waited for 2 days?  Can you imagine the pain that happened in that time?  My bible study book this morning had the nerve to ask "if you were expecting a miracle, how would you react differently?"  I have to admit, I usually don't pray for miracles.  Not that I don't believe they're still possible or anything, I've just always felt that I would be presuming too much.  Didn't want to be disappointed thinking that it should happen my way when I know God's way is better.  Then the study closed with this quote from Chris Tiegreen:  "We must learn to see Him as the unconstrained God, the God who is not limited by the gaping need of our situation.  When we take only humanly possible steps, we give our humanity credit.  God alone deserves the praise for overcoming impossibilities.  Miracles point to Him.  Expect them.  Ask for them."  Jesus waited simply so that we could witness the full extent of God's glory.  If anyone else out there is kicking themselves for being impatient and even angry while you're waiting, raise your hand.

I've got to say that the past 6 months has been pretty difficult.  I have not been patient.  I have not been content.  I have not been waiting for a miracle at least not one that brings God glory.  I just want answers.  You know how in algebra II in high school, you'd spend two days struggling through 54 steps of an equation to get to the right answer only to get to class the next day and find out there's 3 easy steps to a short cut to the right answer.  How full of despair we were knowing that we'd wasted so much time and valuable brain power!  That's kind of how I've felt for the last 6 months.  Struggling through the 54 steps one at a time just waiting for the 3 easy ones to appear.  Today I realized that I should stop waiting and start expecting a miracle that can only bring God glory 'cause come one, a miracle is WAY better than my 3 easy steps that only bring me satisfaction.

OK, exit my weird God moment and move on.  Thanks for rambling with me if you've made it this far.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fun this week

We've had a very busy week around here enjoying the last few days of summer!  Here's the sweet dress I mentioned in the last post.  Clara has good taste!  Her favorite thing to do while we're at a garage sale is to try on shoes.  Usually it's the zebra print high heels that other ladies are eyeing.  She makes for a pretty good sales lady since she's cute too.    

My first ears of corn!  

Corey did an awesome job finishing up the coop this week.  It's fun watching the hens in the evening.  One will go up the ramp and call down to the others to come to bed.  They'll all go up and then one of them will decide they're not ready yet and come back down with the rest following her.  And it goes on up and down and up and down for about a half an hour until it really gets dark.  Then we lock them up.  

Clara's showing you the door she likes to open and crawl in or let the chickens out of without telling us.  We keep thinking they found a way to escape and I guess they did:  her.  

Love these moments.

Clara found a pretty friendly lady bug to bring inside during story time. It was fun watching her try to catch it.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I glimpse into my weirdness

To start off, I LOVE school supplies.  Especially when they're cheap.  That combined with being excited that Audrey and Max are going to be in school soon, made me want to take a picture.  I promise to also get one of the kids all ready to go on their first days.  : )  This is serious guys.  My affinity for markers and crayons in particular is strange.  I've been known, on multiple occasions, to request sharpies and assorted different markers for Christmas.  Who does that?  ME!

The next thing I'm super excited about this morning are my garage sale finds.  I have to admit, this is sort of like gambling.  You might spend a lot of time and win nothing but the few times you do score, it's really fun.  I'm only out gas and some time not actual cash, unlike gambling.  

I've always wanted a set of these for myself.  The kids love them!

I'm also a collector of kids books, good ones.  These hard covers were only 50 cents each.

And giant pile of kids clothes!  I try to shop only for Audrey and Max and stick to my list of needed items that I make each spring.  Everything was either 50 cents or a quarter an item.  Sometimes less because people just offered an amount for the whole lot.  Not that I'm a name brand girl either but if I can get them for this cheap, they last, so I do.  Most of these things from today are from gymboree or children's place. 

  Here's my list:
3 sweaters
4 pairs of shorts
4 long sleeved t shirts
3 sets of pjs
7 short sleeved t shirts
7 pairs of pants
1 dress for clara, i couldn't resist
2 camping egg cartons
the magnestix toy
two wooden swords
one outside ball
a pair of merrill tennis shoes
10-12 books
oh and a doughnut and cookie for sustenance and attitude  : p

For $24.50!  I'm very picky with clothes, no tears or stains and they're cute.  I'm excited to go wash it all...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Rainstorm and Garden Tour

We don't get much rain in the summer so when we had enough to saturate and fill the basin behind our house, the kids loved it!  There were even a couple of ducks swimming around for a bit.

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoy walking around my backyard, listening to the sound of the bees buzzing.

Audrey's sunflower she started from seed at girl scouts.  Love the rust color.

This is a really cool plant - tomatillos.  It's like a paper lantern and the fruit will fill it up apparently.  I'm hoping to make some salsa verde.

There are a ton of tomatoes hiding in there.  The pumpkins and squashes have started to make their way into everything too.  They're my favorite.