Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Max trying to smash a pea.  It's really strong!

Audrey's sweet sweet caramel.

Some of our cedars.  They're worth more than most of the rest of our forest.  It's a little silly.  And I'm planning to grow a retirement crop to harvest in 30 years.  

Marmelade sneaking under a piece of equipment.  They're all turned off for the day, no worries.

A pretty nice stack of fir, pine, and larch.  They started hauling off truck loads today.  It's so hard to gauge how much is going out.  We arranged the landing so you can't see it from the house. 

The brush pile has been burning for a week.  They just keep it going.  Today it grew a ton with them taking down the huge cedars between the house and barn.  Darn heart rot.  

I think this is the pulp pile.  The cast offs.  It's pretty large too.

The new view from the side back deck where we've kept the grill.  You can see everything!

Looking from the front of the house to the back.  You can see all the way to the back fence.  I'm going to put fruit trees back in this corner.  

Wood chips on the back deck the flew up from the cuts made for the trees that were close.  

The backyard

We left some nice douglas firs around the sauna.  They have plenty of space to fill in and grow up with fire safety in mind.  

The barn!  From the house!  There are some really nice cedars left that will grow up.  

You can see the shop too!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Logging has Begun

Our Charlie Brown tree  : )

Clara's not much compared to this pile.

Standing on the stumps from what used to be the area where an old tree house was.

The Landing

The amazing thing is called a feller buncher, I think that's how it's spelled.

The area around the shop is so dramatic.   There were huge cedars right next to it, swayed to it.  It's going to take some adjusting to get used to the change.  

Orange rolls for Thanksgiving!  Thanks for sharing Susan!

Home-grown, mostly non-GMO, happy pigs make super tasty bacon.  

Love these kids!  


Our first fresh cut tree!

350 pounds-ish of farm fresh, home-grown, non-gmo pork!  Anyone wanna come for breakfast?

And a box of pig fat to render into lard...now to figure out how to do that.

Audrey made this giant dessert cookie to share with the teachers during conference week.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sun in November

Hi from Remus!  Our huge puppy is on track to being comparable to Lena's size, my sis-in-law's great dane.  I didn't know we were bringing home a GIANT dog, just a biggish one.  Oh well, he's pretty nice.  

I'm amazed that my geraniums have been outside every night except 2 this fall.  

So my camera phone is poo but can you see that bright yellow tree just to the left of the middle?  It's a larch or tamarack depending on who you're talking to.  A deciduous pine.  We have a whole bunch of lovely ones in our forest.  

I spy....a MOOSE!  There are actually two but I can't see the calf either.  These two have been hanging around a little too much lately.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Soggy and Beautiful

Thank you great grandma and grandpa!

Audrey loves anything from Klutz kid's crafts.  Thank you uncle aaron and aunt marin!

Super cool project!  Max is looking grown up.  

Hoop house prep for winter.  I always imagine tucking in the worms for winter.  A nice blanket of compost and mulch keeps them warm and working longer into the fall.  

The maple leaves look so pretty on the greenhouse.  It rains a lot in the fall so things are soggy instead of crispy.  I miss walking through the crunchy leaves. 

Last weekend we had a neighbor help us dig a 4 foot deep trench  from the shop water spigot all the way to the barn so we could lay a water line and frost free hydrant at the barn.  We also added an electrical line and internet cable.  It was a way bigger project than I imagined.  Farmer newbie.  

Looking up from the inside the greenhouse through the skylight.  : )